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Welcome to our website.

The studio is set in remote rural South Australia, app 350kms from Adelaide on a 150 acre property ( The building in the distance on above picture is the studio!!). The remoteness give us a great advantage in the we can easily record outside when required.  We are surrounded by great recording locations, meaning we are able to do location Foley when the film requires it and the sounds that cannot be created with the same quality in the studio.

The property also has over 3 kms of tracks which mean we can record cars and horses as WFX as an option .  Being on a farm we also have over 20 horse's and ponies which we can record also if required.

Being remote we are also specially licensed to be able to record gunshots from almost any type of weapon, we have access to hundreds of modern and antique firearms to get the genuine sounds for the weapons used in any film.

We can also offer Foley premixing as part of a package, we also have spare edit room if we require a Foley editor/supervisor to be on location with us.

Generally all Foley we do is all cut and roughly balanced before delivery, on major films though we do add the services of a Foley editor to speed up the flow where schedules are tight.

We very happy to discuss any budget requirements and will happily try to fit within your budget providing it will not interfere with the quality of the Foley.

Any questions please email or call.

John Simpson M.P.S.E

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